Heather Bettke and Bruce Stokes

Repeat Clients
Roxanne – We couldn’t be happier and we owe it all to you!  Sounds like a song!!!!   We ripped out carpet and took down a wall – so much fun on the weekend.  Thank you so much for your help.  You are amazing.  Love love love you


Margo and Dave

Second Home
Roxanne has administered two mortgages for us and offered friendly and professional service. By refinancing our current home, we were able to purchase the property of our dreams and look forward to building in retirement. We would highly recommend Roxanne as a mortgage broker.

Lana Pol

New to Canada
We had just immigrated to Canada and were in the process of looking for and buying a house. In the Netherlands we were always a little leery of mortgage brokers and real estate agents. Our feelings could not have been further from the truth. Roxanne explained in detail the many possibilities available to us regarding mortgages and banks. She arranged an excellent mortgage for us, although as newcomers we had no credit history. She set up the appointment with a trustable lawyer and guided us through the whole process.   Since then Roxanne has helped our son and his family who immigrated one year later.  She has also helped many of the immigrants I teach to understand and obtain mortgages.

We have been here 5 years now and recently contacted Roxanne to review our refinancing options.Roxanne is more than a mortgage broker. She is there when you need her. New immigrants have hundreds of questions and doubts. She has the time and patience to sit down with you and answer all of them. I can safely say that there is no one I trust more to arrange a mortgage.

Janey Ochotsky

Realtor and Rental Property Owner
Regardless of the unique history of clients, Roxanne is able to mix the ingredients necessary, successfully negotiating hurdles where others have failed. When matters seemed unmanageable I have been delighted to receive word from Roxanne that with innovative management she has pieced together a formula that works for my clients.

Coupling her experience and knowledge she is able to understand challenges and find solutions managing bruised credit, self employment or facilitating those new to Canada.

I am keen to refer my clients to Roxanne and have her bridge the financial aspect of transactions.

Riley MacLean

First Time Home Buyer
I decided to look into buying the house I was renting because it was already set up for my dogs Tank and Rae (rescued from the Edmonton Humane Society), and I had a lot of good memories there. I called a mortgage specialist at a bank and they gave me a long list of paperwork to gather. When I thought I was done, I was sent on another mission to gather even more information and paperwork that “had to be done”.  After a month of running around and doing everything I was asked to do, I was told the bank was not going to grant me a mortgage. I would have to give up the house and spend at least a year renting and trying to build up my credit.

I almost gave up on ever being able to keep our home, and worried I might not be able to keep my little dog pack together. A few days later a friend of mine recommended Roxanne Prunkl, and told me “talk to her, she’ll take care of you”. And that she did. She answered her phone on a Saturday and told me to leave it with her. I gave her everything she needed and within a month the house was in my name. Roxanne made it seem like I was her number one priority and she wasn’t happy unless I was.

So in the end the dogs and I all had a place to live, and I got to keep the house.  All thanks to Roxanne!  She’s a hero.